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Somebody That I Used to Know

Obsessed with this song! The video is really cool too 🙂

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Chocolate: the Bitter Truth

Chocolate the Bitter Truth

I love chocolate. You probably love chocolate….Who doesn’t? But have you ever stopped to think, “Where did this chocolate come from?” Yes, we all know it comes from cocoa beans – but who gathers them?

Child slaves.

They are kidnapped / bought from their families. Forced into harsh labor. Not paid. Fed just enough to barely survive. Lack sleep.  They’re abused.

These young children have no clue what chocolate even tastes like.

We need to spread the word, purchase Fair Trade chocolate instead, and end this now.

Read the article and scroll down to watch the YouTube documentary on Chocolate.

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“Shit Vegans Say”

hahaaa. Gotta love kombucha!

Sadly I can’t find any in Israel =( anyone know how to make it??????

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“Shit Yogis Say”

This is hilarious. Gotta love yogis!
I’ve definitely said a lot of these things……..

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Yummy! 25 Healthy Snacks

As a vegetarian – almost vegan – health nut, I’m always looking for healthy recipes and snacks! Here is a list of 25 snacks packed with nutrients, energy and fiber. yummmmmm


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Truly inspiring woman

This woman is incredible. It is so inspiring how she uses her “limitations” and imagination to push boundaries and do the seemingly impossible! What a heartwarming story…

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